The Management Board of the Centrum Medycyny Klinicznej DiMedical sp.z o.o. declares that the Laboratory conducts all activities in an impartial manner, focusing on customers, not succumbing to their pressure and influence on the quality of services and test results.

The Management Board, together with all staff, makes every effort to maintain impartiality and confidentiality in the course of laboratory activities.

The objectives of applying the Policy of Impartiality and Confidentiality in our company are:

  • performance of provided services in the field of laboratory diagnostics in an impartial, honest and independent manner, using uniform procedures for all clients,
  • carrying out research and development activities impartially, fairly and independently,
  • not engaging in activities that could expose you to the allegation of a lack of impartiality, objectivity and confidentiality in the scope of services and research conducted,
  • not to succumb to commercial, financial or other pressures that affect impartiality and confidentiality.

The implementation of the objectives of the Policy of Impartiality and Confidentiality in our company is carried out by:

  • documented performance of services guaranteeing confidentiality and impartiality,
  • employees’ non-involvement in any activities that may affect the independence, impartiality, confidentiality and objectivity of their laboratory activities,
  • ensuring that the activities of subcontractors do not affect the confidentiality and impartiality of our company’s activities,
  • maintaining the confidentiality of information obtained during the implementation of laboratory activities, except for situations provided for by law,
  • providing the Customer or other interested party with the possibility of submitting a complaint / complaint in the event of doubts as to the impartiality and confidentiality of the services provided,
  • performing a periodic review of the implementation of the Policy of Impartiality and Confidentiality – identifying the risks and opportunities of any threats to impartiality, including a conflict of interest, links in the organizational structure and taking actions to eliminate or minimize a potential threat.


All employees of the Centrum Medycyny Klinicznej DiMedical Sp.z o.o. know, understand, accept, observe and apply the Declaration of impartiality and confidentiality policy.

The management of the Laboratory declares its full impartiality and commitment to the implementation of the above policy in all activities carried out in the Laboratory.

Established by:

MD, PhD. Karol Majewski

Chairman of the Board

Centrum Medycyny

Klinicznej DiMedical sp.z o.o.




Agata Bednarczyk, MA

Quality Management Manager