Tuberculosis remains one of the most dangerous infectious diseases and is, after infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the second leading cause of death from infectious diseases in the world. At present, there are no laboratory tests allowing to assess the immune system’s response to infection, in particular innate immunity, and to monitor the course of treatment, as well as susceptibility to further infections. It is extremely important in the case of chronic infectious diseases (tuberculosis, latent infections), conditions that pose a direct threat to life and are associated with high mortality (sepsis, septic shock) and chronic systemic diseases with impaired immune system functions (diabetes, atopic dermatitis) or genetic background (cystic fibrosis). Microbiological diagnostics, available and used routinely, only allows for the presence of microorganisms in the material collected from the patient, but does not determine the susceptibility to the development of infection and does not allow for the assessment of the course of both the infection itself and the treatment process.

DiMedical has developed and patented an innovative diagnostic method that will revolutionize the diagnostic process of tuberculosis by simplifying, significantly reducing time and reducing costs.

Industrial research on the possibility of using species-specific profiles of mycolic acids in the identification of Mycobacterium allows for the monitoring of the process of tuberculosis development (especially in the early stages) and the course of treatment.

Such a diagnostic approach requires the search for new biomarkers derived not only from microorganisms, but also synthesized in response to infection in the host organism.

Due to the fact that tuberculosis is still a global clinical and social problem, placed at the forefront of infectious diseases that threaten human health, and its quick diagnosis determines the correct treatment, we observe a great interest in our product in the world.

The diagnostic method developed by DiMedical is an effective combination of traditional laboratory diagnostics and modern software using mass spectrometry technology.

In December 2021, our medical device successfully passed international patent verification carried out by the European Patent Office, which confirms that it is unique on a global scale.